Our Staff

This is the Acorns team. We have a great mix of strengths and skills to ensure we offer all of our children the broadest range of activities possible. With over 30 years experience there's very little we can't cope with!

Emma – Forest school practitioner

Level three Forest School leader.

Emma is currently working towards a degree in Early Years.


Before coming to Acorns Emma was the Deputy manager of Freshford Pre-school. Previous to that Emma worked as a childminder and is also an ex Acorns parent!


Emma is our newest member of the team, having worked here for the past year and a half. She is a huge asset to the team and we are very glad to have her as part of our fantastic forest school team.


Emma is a knowledgeable gardener and works with the children to plant, grow, harvest and cook many different vegetables over the year. She has been integral to re-designing the forest school side of our gardens and works brilliantly with the team to ensure the children receive the best possible opportunities.


Outside of Acorns Emma loves walks with her family and her dog, she loves travel and reading. Emma also volunteers to help run Woodcraft Folk.


Emma works Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.


Tigi - pre-school practitioner

Tigi is currently working towards a degree in Psychology.


Tigi has worked in Acorns (on and off) for eight years now. She has left a couple of times to travel (attending Beijing university for a while!)  but the draw of Acorns has always pulled her back and we are very pleased about that as she is a fantastic early years practitioner!


Tigi is a great all-rounder, leading on many physical activities as well as often planning literacy and creative ideas to share with the children. She has boundless energy, a lovely creative mind and the children adore making up games with her.


Tigi works, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


Donna - pre-school practitioner

Level 3 early years and education accreditation.


Donna has worked in Acorns for approx. five years.


Previous to working in Acorns, Donna was the Deputy Manager of Combe Park pre-school.


Donna is a great all-rounder. She can turn her hand to anything; however, her gentle and patient nature means that the children often enjoy quieter, more focussed activities with her.


Donna tends to lead on small group activities such as sewing, literacy based activities and board games.


Donna works Mondays and Tuesdays.