Term 6, week 2

We have had another enjoyable week, it has been really smooth as we have all now got used to our new way of working and are all enjoying the changes I think!

The children have had a great time, on both sides of the garden, as we have re-introduced Helicopter Stories and on some days a random show and tell where the children find something in the garden to show their class mates, or they choose a question and answer time, where they sit at the front of the class and the others take turns in asking them questions about themselves and their likes and dislikes. Both of these have been very popular!

We have also enjoyed sitting around the open fire, cooking popcorn, chatting and singing songs. All the children have taken part in a scavenger hunt on their own side of the garden, spotting different wildlife and hearing the sounds local to us (mainly trains and birds!).

Some children have made clay faces in the Yew tree, other clay birds which they have hung from the box tree. Some Garden Rangers have colour mixed on a large scale using paint and water.

Both sides have done lots and lots and lots of woodwork!!

All in all it has been a very enjoyable week!

Next week we are happy to have Sam re-join the staff team, and Wilbur re-join the Woodland Warriors, we are very happy to welcome them both back for the rest of the term. Don't forget that the groups will be swapping spaces next week, hope it works!!

Happy weekend everyone. :)

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