Term 6, week 3

What a crazy week! The weather is certainly challenging us this term, going from one extreme to another. It is very unusual to have weather like this in term 6, but we are trying our hardest to stay positive and keep going to the best of our ability. We are hoping that with your brilliant 'people power' letter, that has been sent to the trustees today, if this happens again then we will be able to retreat in to the hall until it all blows over!! Thank you all, in particular Daisy and Vishaka, for this incredible show of support, my shoulders are an awful lot lighter today, thank you.

So, the changes to the side of the garden only lasted half of the week in the end, however, the Garden Rangers were very happy to have a couple of indoor days, they had lots of fun rediscovering resources that they hadn't seen since before lockdown and so it all panned out ok in the end.

As well as some inside time, the Garden Rangers have enjoyed a busy week of making tree fairies and fairy doors out of clay, learning the names of the flowers around the garden (thanks Max for the info) and then copying them so we can add labels to the flower beds. They have enjoyed lots of role-playing, maths activities with weighing and measuring, woodworking, exercises and a fabulous story telling walk in which all of the children contributed to an ever evolving story.

The Woodland Warriors seemed to enjoy their time on the playtime side of the garden. They did lots of weeding, tending and watering, made lots and lots of potions, enjoyed exploring the new mud kitchen, construction and the trikes! Toward the end of the week they went back in to the hobbit house to make their own bread over the fire.

Such fun! Next week the children will be back on their original sides of the garden, for the whole week this time we hope! Apparently the weather is changing again, so we'll see what it brings us!

Happy weekend everyone, thank you again for your support.

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