Term 4, week 4

What a difference a week makes! Last week we are having to send children home due to torrential rain, this week we are melting, this country is crazy.

We have decided to try to inject a bit of a party vibe in to our days, as the end gets closer and closer at a ridiculous speed and without a party to look forward to we are feeling the need to face paint, adorn the children in a range of tattoos and all chill out together! The curriculum is now forgotten and what has become far more important is enjoying what little time we have left with our lovely Acorns.

Cold, refreshing, water has been our go-to as we attempt to keep the children cool, it has worked really well this week. We are lucky to have an incredibly shady garden so we are shielded from the sun, but not the heat unfortunately, I had forgotten just how exhausting our job is in the summer!

Any way, it looks like things are changing yet again, so who knows what next week will bring. The weather is the one thing I can't blame the Government for so bring it on!

Happy weekend everyone :)

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