Bye lovely Acorns :(

It is such a strange goodbye this year, with no show, no party to look forward to and no socialising, it feels really odd. It's feels more like the end of a normal term and everyone will be back after a weeks break!

As there is no Tapestry updates this week we haven't got huge amounts of photos, so I've put on practically all of the pics taken over the week. The children have made lots of amazing dens, zip wires and tree swings. They have role-played, made puppets, had fires, painted, enjoyed lots of drilling, hammering and designing sculptures in the woodwork areas and generally just had a fabulous time!

This just leaves me to say goodbye. It's been a blast, despite the 'rona hiccup, we've all had a really enjoyable and amazing year. This year group are stoic, independent and pretty incredible, I've already passed on to the schools how lucky they are to be getting our lovely Acorns (especially as we feel we've missed out!) and that they need to treasure them.

Thank you again for all of your incredible support and loveliness over this year. It is hugely appreciated by us all. We never fail to feel amazed by how everyone is so willing to raise funds for us and to help us, thank you.

Happy summer everyone, and best of luck for September. I hope the world is heading in a different direction by then, I fear not unfortunately, but I hope to be proved wrong. Much love from all the team Xxxx

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