Term 1, week 3

We have had such a productive week. The children have enjoyed some new experiences, rising to all challenges with ease.

The Garden Rangers have experienced some time inside Acorns rooms this week. Due to a heavy rainfall on Tuesday the ground quickly became slippery and so we moved inside for whole class times. It has been really interesting to see how differently the children have reacted to being inside for more of the day. After a day of total excitement about all of the resources they haven't seen before, they have now settled down to a new routine, a new visual timetable and the new space beautifully. The group will continue to be outside for the majority of the day, however whole class times and some session times will now be inside as winter looms.

Both groups have enjoyed drawing their self-portraits this week. This is a lovely way to explore our differences and similarities. The children enjoyed looking at themselves in the mirror, noticing their features and representing them on paper.

Another new, extremely popular, activity for both groups this week has been an introduction to wood working sessions. It has been amazing seeing the children so engrossed in their explorations. When wood working the children are learning to make decisions, to be creative, they are honing their physical skills, exploring mathematical concepts and engineering. Wood working really is an incredible cross curricular activity that is beneficial to all children. These groups will now be run daily for small groups of children in both the W.W and the G.R.

The children have also enjoyed building obstacle courses, climbing trees, role-playing in the home corner and with the small world figures, building lots of sand castles, singing, dancing and making new friends. Such fun!!

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