Term 1, week 4

What a great week, despite the rain, which has sent us some real challenges this week, the children have had a great time and have explored so many different activities.

We enjoyed baking carrot cakes in small groups daily, the children are really enjoying the baking sessions and everyone is keen to know when it's their turn. Baking in small groups of five children is such a lovely way for them to learn, we had a few eggs hit the floor during cracking, but hey ho, that's how we learn!

We were given some cooking apples recently so the W.W got to work to chop them and stew them over the fire in the cabin. There were mixed reviews on the taste, but everyone had a try. :)

The W.W have been enjoying lots of construction this week, with many children working together to build with a clear purpose in mind. A fantastic pirate ship was constructed and then used for role-playing. When the weather turned on Wednesday the group managed to work with it, using water, tubes, guttering and powder paint to explore and experiment.

Woodworking has continued to be incredibly popular with both groups. We now have two covered wood working areas, one in each garden, so we can now take eight children at a time to wood working sessions. The children have already learned about safe tool use and are putting their skills in to good practice, great to see.

The G.R have enjoyed a wide range of activities both outside and in this week, the most popular and re-visited game being the 'holiday bus' in the home corner. This includes bus drivers, ticket collectors, passengers and lots of swimming in the sea at each destination!

Such a great week. Enjoy the rainy weekend everyone, fingers crossed for a drier week next week.

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