Term 1, week 4

We have had an enjoyable and busy week and have started to turn our thoughts to our Christmas celebrations (a bit early I know, but there's always so much to do!). We have also been thinking about the wildlife in our gardens, particularly the birds.

All week, small groups of children have been making their own bread in the cabin. Once the dough is ready the children rolled it our and wrapped it around sticks. These were then held over the fire to bake. As they baked the children made bird feeders using rice cakes, seeds, peanut butter and cheerios! Some groups spread peanut butter directly on to the Yew tree, then pushed seeds and cheerios in to it for the birds (and squirrels of course) to eat directly from the bark.

One group made a bird hide from netting, using a mallet to hammer pegs in to the ground and ropes to hold it in the trees. They then laid down lots of bird food, then used crates as seats and sat very still and quiet whilst they waited to see if any birds would come. They didn't have to wait long before they were rewarded with a robin, fabulous!

Inside the children have been making beautiful clay birds to take home. Some children have a letter to Father Christmas! Once everyone that wants to has had a go at this we will be going down to the post box at the bottom of St Marks road to post them to Father Christmas in the North Pole!

Happy days!

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