Term 1, week 5

We have had such an amazing week. The children have really enjoyed the new structure of the day, they are forming new friendships as they get to know the children from both groups and their confidence is growing enormously. It is wonderful to see how quickly they have adapted to our new way of working and how happy they all seem.

During our Forest School sessions this week the children have worked together to build a wall, a real wall (as they excitedly tell us after each session!). The Forest School team, led by Sam, have shown the children how to make cement and then how to use it to fix together some half weight house bricks to form a wall Trump would be jealous of! It's great to see the children working together, sharing resources and negotiating to build their walls.

Inside we have introduced mono-printing. This is where small groups of children use rollers to paint directly on to the table top, exploring colour changes, pattern, texture and mark making during this wonderfully messy and creative activity. Such fun!

The children have also enjoyed sticky kids exercises in the hall, lots of clay exploration, role-playing, measuring, board games, maths activities, wood working, and lots and lots of discos!

I hope you all have a restful weekend, see you next week.

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