Term 2, week 1

A dry week at last!! It has been so lovely seeing the children enjoying the dry weather. The ground is still extremely boggy and slippery, so we are continue to be cautious, but that hasn't stopped the Forest School groups making the most of the dry, crisp weather.

The children have loved exploring rope work with Sam, Hazel and Emma this week. They have used their muscle strength and balance to climb along ropes, improving their agility, aerobic fitness and coordination as the rope rocks them back and forth, such a great activity. Next, the children had great fun making a tree swing, taking turns to sit on the log seat and get pushed by Sam, such fun!!

The children continue to enjoy regular woodworking sessions, both inside and out.

Inside, we've had such a great week. The children started making tracks on a table top on Monday, this developed in to large scale tracks on the floor, which turned in to painting hands and feet and experimenting making all kinds of prints. The washing of their feet in warm, soapy water was just as popular!

Sewing continues in small groups, the children are enjoying this un-hurried, gentle introduction to sewing. Sewing is such an excellent activity for young children, amongst other things it promotes finger dexterity, coordination, patience and determination.

Lego action wheelers are incredibly popular in Acorns at the moment, with so many children wanting to design and make their own vehicles. Role-playing in the home corner has seen so many wonderful scenarios this week, it so satisfying seeing so many blossoming friendships happening in this free-play area. Softplay continues to be a favourite physical activity for the majority of the children, they equally love the structure of completing the obstacle courses and the free-playing afterwards.

Next week we will be introducing 'star of the day' and Helicopter Stories. Have a great weekend everyone.

Dena x

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