Term 2, week 3

The children have been busy with some 'real' jobs this week. They have helped to clear the outside classroom of clutter (we had to fill it with the gazebo contents after it collapsed in a storm!) and carry it across the garden to the back door, such hard work, but very rewarding. They have then collected outside kitchen furniture and some astro-turf we happened to have lying around. This has been used to build a new mud kitchen nearer to the building, this means we have a kitchen that can now to be used at playtimes. The groups of children demonstrated great team work and cooperation as they work to achieve their goals, great to see.

We have been thinking about the birds in our gardens and how they will survive the winter. With that in mind we made our own bird feeders from rice cakes, peanut butter and cheerios!!

Other groups used wet leaves to make prints, folding over fabric and hammering it with a mallet, the results are beautiful.

Inside we have been celebrating Diwali. This is such a beautiful festival, with such an engaging story that accompanies the celebrations. Small groups of children enjoyed listening to the story, with Rama, Sita, Hanuman and Ravanna, the ten headed demon. We then made our own diwa lights, using clay, a candle and an array of coloured sand and sequins to help light the way home for Rama and Sita.

We have also baked scrummy cheese scones, a really lovely, simple recipe that introduced 'rubbing in' to the children. We hope they enjoyed eating them.

We've also enjoyed our first nurture group of the year, softplay, prov tub, football, lots of wood working and so much more. Such a busy week!

Next week we will be doing more of the same! Happy weekend everyone!

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