Term 3, week 1

Well, what an unusual week this has been. I seem to have spent every day sitting in the office typing letters to various people. I think it has been worth it though as Wera Hobhouse has asked if she can use Acorns as an example setting in her speech on Monday, really good news. Let's just hope it gets us some protection from the government.

For the children, Acorns has continued as always, with lots of giggles, fun and exciting experiences. During Forest School sessions we have lit a cosy fire in the hobbit house daily. The children have enjoyed exploring the garden, transporting wood chip from some pollarding that was done in the break, leaving water around the garden to explore ice experiments and cooking sweet snowflake tortillas over the fire. Great fun.

Inside the children have been remembering all about their Christmases, chatting and drawing pictures. We have had some fabulous helicopter stories, the children really are quite incredible actors! We had a donation of lots of individual pots of play dough (Thank you Hannah and Stefan) and so for the first time this year the children have had playdough to explore and they have loved it!

Thank you for all the support and kind words that we have received about the situation we find ourselves in. I hope that we can find a solution soon. Until then, we will just keep everything crossed that we can stay healthy.

Happy weekend everyone :)

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