Term 3, week 2

We have had a blast this week. The children's creativity is through the roof since coming back from Christmas (was that really only two weeks ago?!) and we have had a busy, fun packed week full of incredible creativity.

The Forest School sessions have encouraged the children to work together as they continue to transport wood chip to various places in the garden. The children have been working really hard to complete the task, there's still plenty left to work with however, so the job will continue through this term. To warm up they have used the Hobbit house to make soup together, such an enjoyable activity.

Inside this week we have seen a real love of junk modelling emerging. The children are learning to design, build, problem solve, use their mathematical knowledge and creativity to make their models. It has been a wonderfully busy and bustling room all week long.

Helicopter Stories are just a joy to behold, we will film some for next week as the acting abilities of the children are amazing to watch. We have also enjoyed lots of dancing, sewing, board games, literacy activities, softplay, prov tub and so much more!

If you can please start to save boxes, tubs, tubes etc for us we'll be grateful. Thank you.

Happy weekend everyone x

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