Term 3, week 2 2022

Brrrr, it's been a chilly, but exciting, end to the week, with lots of frosty grass to walk on and ice to find around the garden, the children have had a blast! We have been so busy and productive this week, both inside and out. The children have enjoyed helping to create a new pathway from the playtime side of the garden to the Forest school side. The ground has become quite boggy and slippery lately, so this will help us to be able to use the area more freely. The children worked hard to lay string guides, then to fill the space with woodchip to create a safe new path.

Ice explorations, ladder making and lots of stories have featured heavily in our outside sessions, all topped off with warming up with hot chocolate and home made crumpets in the cabin, an essential part of our week!

Inside the children have baked fruit crumble, a lovely simple recipe that everyone managed independently. We have also revisited junk modelling and clay, where we are already seeing progression in the children's use of the areas and independence in designing and making.

Lisa has run some fabulous story telling sessions in the quiet room. The children have worked together to make up their own stories, illustrating as they are told. This has been very popular, it is lovely to see the children's story making skills start to flourish as they gain confidence in their abilities.

Then of course we have LOVED the introduction of star of the day and show and tell. What a great week!

Next week we will be returning to colour mixing explorations indoors, with mono-printing and colour mixing workshops. Clay will feature heavily in our week I am sure, plus more story telling in the form of Helicopter Stories.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Dena x

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