Term 3, week 5

We have such an amazing week celebrating Chinese New Year with the children. We have made lanterns, dragon puppets and clay dragons. We have worked together to make two huge dragons, we then watched videos of Chinese dragon dancing and headed out to the garden to play instruments and dance, it has been a really fun week.

The Forest School children have used a map of the garden to find dragon stones. Finding different sites with a stone hidden in each. This has been a very popular activity, the children's familiarity with the garden meant that they could follow the map with relative ease, great stuff.

Next week is show and tell. We will also be making our own sandwiches for snack time. We will be holding fruit tasting sessions where the children will score the fruit they taste on a scale of 1 - 5. We will then tally the scores to find Acorns' favourite fruit, and least favourite! Forest school groups will be making fruit crumble on the open fire, yummy!

Happy weekend everyone!

Dena x

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