Term 3, week 6

Well, we have had the best week. It has been extremely cold, but we have combatted that with lots of high energy play and star jumps!!

Outside, both at playtimes and during Forest school sessions the children have loved exploring ice, lots and lots of ice! Small groups of children have experimented with coloured water, pipettes and cotton wool on a small scale and trays and bowls of craziness on a large scale. All experiments have been extremely successful and the garden has been ice covered, which has caused lots of excitement and opportunities for further exploration. Some children made their own incredible lands to play with, some made dens from long sticks and tarps and all warmed up with hot chocolate and a warm fire inside the hobbit house!

Inside we have been very productive. As we were away last week and then just back for this one week before half term, we decided to just enjoy a very chilled week. We have noticed that there are a few children who are expressing how they feel about bedtimes and the changes to their lives recently, so we decided to extend some of the activities we were already doing with a focus on well-being. One of the children told us about having some worry dolls at home, this led to lots of discussions around worrying and how bedtime can bring out some negative emotions sometimes. We read some books about emotions and held discussion groups to hear how other people feel about bedtimes etc. Helen led some lovely gentle nurture groups and then we decided to make our own worry dolls to take home. The idea is that the children tell their worries to their doll at night and then sleep with it under their pillow. The doll takes on their worries and they can sleep peacefully. I hope it works!

Also inside this week the children have enjoyed making their own sandwiches for snack time, lots of board games, woodwork, exercises, collage, painting, Helicopter stories and huge amounts of clay work. I could go on!

I hope you all have a lovely, restful half term break. We look forward to seeing you next term.

Stay safe, see you soon.


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