Term 4, week 1 2021

We are so happy to have some sunshine on the garden at last! It has been such an enjoyable week and although we have to be mindful of creating a mud bath as the ground remains pretty soggy, we have spent the entire day outside today, which has been glorious!

During the week we have been enjoying a spring clean of the garden. It has been looking pretty tired and messy after the bleak winter months and so we looked at it with fresh eyes this week and decided to spruce it up a bit. The children worked hard to remove one of the old mud kitchens, they transported it across the garden and re-built it, fresh and new in a more suitable and drier area. They have then really enjoyed exploring it over the rest of the week.

During other outdoor sessions the children have been enjoying lots of different activities, including wellie sorting and wellie wanging!!!! The children have used various ways of measuring to see, amongst other things, how far the wellies were thrown, how tall the flowers are and how big their feet are!

Inside this week we have kicked off our well-being sessions with some fruit tasting. The children have worked in small groups to feel, smell and taste various fruits. Their choices will be made in to a graph to show Acorns' favourite fruit next week!

The children have also enjoyed soft play, clay, sewing, board games, dancing and lots more!

Next week we will be making fresh hummus to taste, exploring still life paintings of the beautiful spring flowers growing in the garden and making a library in the quiet room to share our favourite stories. Outside we will be preparing the beds for this year's vegetables.

We hope you have a great weekend, fingers crossed for more dry days next week. Happy weekend everyone.

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