Term 4, week 3

Happy Mother's Day to all our wonderful Mums. We have been thinking about all the things you do for the children this week and have celebrated how lucky we are to have our Mums in our lives, to help us, to play with us, to love us and to just be pretty amazing! I hope the children have picked up the sentiment and that you all have a great Mother's day on Sunday!

We have had a really fun week this week. We have made kites, obstacle courses and have enjoyed lots of swinging from the Yew tree! We have enjoyed observation drawing and painting of the spring flowers. Some of these beautiful paintings now adorn the children's Mother's day cards, we hope you love them.

The children worked hard to make coil pots from clay, a really tricky process, for their Mums and enjoyed writing their cards.

As the week progressed some of the children made their own story books, both scribing a story and illustrating them. This was a fabulous activity which we will continue over the year.

I hope you have a lovely weekend,

Dena xx

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