Term 4, week 4

This term is flying by, there are so many jobs to do in the garden and the children are extremely keen to get their wellies on, their sleeves rolled up and get to work! This week they have dug, transported, raked and planted. Small groups have planted potatoes, beans, cress and re-seeded some of the muddier parts of the garden.

Emma bought in some tadpoles from her pond at home. The children have started to learn about the life cycle of a frog. They have then worked together to make a small pond, where the tadpoles are now living. We really hope that they will survive and we will have frogs in our garden at last!

Other groups have enjoyed an open fire, numbers hunts, exercises and woodwork.

Inside this week we have baked fruit pies, it has been so lovely re-introducing baking, the children have been so keen to get going. We have continued with some more 'the world according to.....' sessions. We will invite all of the children to do this, but it takes a little time as it can only be done one to one!

Such a great week. Next week, amongst lots of other things, we will be thinking about Easter and preparing for our party. We will also be going for walks with small groups of children to meet some little chicks!

Happy weekend everyone :)

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