Term 6, week 2

It's been a hot week in Acorns! It's wonderful to be out in the garden all day, but today.......phew......it's been a bit too hot!! The children have had a blast, they have had access to all kinds of water play all week, they have enjoyed the new paddling pools, especially in their costumes on Friday, they absolutely loved it! They have build dens to chill in, spent lots of time in the mud kitchens, experimented with water, tubes and cars, and just generally had their hands, and often their entire bodies, in water!

The martial arts class was excellent on Thursday. The group learned how to 'wipe-off' someone's hands and shout 'no, don't touch me' loudly, great skills to have. Yoga on Friday was changed to 'ice yoga!' It was so relaxing and the children absolutely loved it, lovely to watch.

We have also continued to paint our 'mini-mes' harvested beans, started to paint our first back-drop for the show and enjoyed our last show and tell! How time flies.

We're turning our thoughts to the show next week, we will be starting to choose music and choreograph our little routines, such fun!

Happy weekend everyone XX

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