Term 6, week 3

We've had a really fun week, the weather has been perfect for staying outside and chilling. We've had lots of resources for free-playing, ensuring our wonderful Acorns children get to spend as much time as possible in the garden before the term ends.

The children have enjoyed role-playing the Three Billy Goats Gruff, building their own bridges and taking on the various roles. We have harvested lettuce and nasturtiums, making our own salad to taste and having a bit of a spa day! We've had heaps of water play, small world play, woodwork groups, making fishing rods, dens, bathing babies and painting ourselves. We have been painting the backdrops for the show and we've even started working out some choreography ready for when the proper practices start next week.

Next week we are starting show practice in the hall. The children now know what they want to be and everyone seems very excited about the idea of performing.

We will be writing our last Tapestry posts next week. We need to start the process of transferring the children's journals to the schools that also use Tapestry, and to send you a link to download your own child's journal. I'll send out more information on this soon.

Happy weekend everyone xx

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