Term 6, week 3

What an amazing week we've had. The children have enjoyed so many different experiences and had such a lot of fun, we are constantly amazed by how much energy they have!

Inside we have started to paint our life sized selves. Thank you to everyone who donated paper for us to be able to offer this incredible activity as a keep sake of the children at the end of their time in Acorns. I hope you will keep them for many years, they are amazing! We have also been reminding the children how much fun it is to write letters! A dying art in this technological age! The children are choosing who to write to, writing / drawing their letter, and then sealing it in an envelope. Next week we will be going to the post box to post our letters home.

We enjoyed our last ever Helicopter session this week. The children love show and tell so much and they haven't had many chances to do it this year, so we will now do show and tell each week until the end of term instead!

Outside we have been enjoying camping, the forest school children helped to put up some tents, then picked salad from the garden, help to prepare it for lunch, then cleared up afterwards before enjoying some crazy games and dancing! Small groups of children have been exploring The Three Little Pigs with Emma. They have told the story whilst building a house of straw, a house of sticks and finally a brick house, amazing!

At playtimes the children have been loving our new slide (not really new, just mended!) sliding in lots of different ways! They have build obstacle course, painted and washed the hard standing, brushed the chalk from the walls using brooms and water and generally had a great time!

Next week we will doing more of the same, and making pizzas!!!

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