Everyday Opportunities

We make Acorns as fun filled as possible, from registration where the children are encouraged to say hello in many different languages, to dance time each day where we try out different music, movement and dance, from break dancing to pogoing, a very popular time of the day!


Snack times are very sociable. An adult sits with each small group of children as they choose from a range of healthy foods. The children learn to spread their own butter, marmite and honey and to pour their own drinks. Each group chats freely to each other about a wide range of subjects as they eat.

During the session the children split up in to smaller groups, usually working in groups of five supported by an adult. A wide range of opportunities are offered daily, both inside and out. Children are encouraged to make their own choices of activities daily. 


Inside there are daily opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities. These include, hall games,  yoga, exercises, soft play, obstacle courses, board games, creative explorations or using the huge floor space to explore cable reels, tubes and other ‘provocation’ resources. There are many choices to be made and many resources and ideas to explore, all within a safe, secure, fun and nurturing environment.

Outside the children explore in a safe and secure environment. From building a fire or a den, to making clay sculptures in the tree bark.

Show and tell, and more structured activities are introduced steadily from term three onwards.