Our mission statement

We aim to provide a caring, nurturing and safe environment where children can play, learn and grow happily and securely. Every child is unique, therefore we plan to encourage and enable individuals to progress at their own pace and reach their full potential. Of paramount importance is the development of the child’s personal, social and emotional skills. Self-confidence is encouraged in a sensitive, responsive, warm and loving environment. We work towards each child becoming a valued member of Acorns and of the wider community so that they develop a strong self-image and high self-esteem.

We respect parents and carers as the child’s first educator; we aim to make them a part of their child’s future learning, involved in all areas of Acorns where possible.

We aim to provide appropriate learning opportunities to all children who attend. We endeavour to identify any children who would benefit from additional support and seek the appropriate provision in order for the child to reach his or her full potential.