Key Person

The Early Years Foundation Stage states that ‘each child must be assigned a key person’ and that the ‘key person must help ensure that every child’s learning and care is tailored to suit their individual needs.’ Your child’s key person, supported by Dena, our pre-school leader, will be your first point of call, however, in Acorns there is such a small staff team that we spend time with all of the children. Even though the key person role is important, we believe that children are very astute and tend to gravitate towards the team members that engage their interests the most. This will not always be your child’s key person and that is fine, our relationships with the children blossom so much more when they are not being catagorised by key worker groups, and are free to choose which activities they wish to participate with, and with whom. We are always here to talk if you wish to discuss this further.