Our Staff

This is the Acorns team. We have a great mix of strengths and skills to ensure we offer all of our children the broadest range of activities possible. With over 30 years experience there's very little we can't cope with!

Lisa has a degree in Art History, she has a level three ‘diploma for the Children’s and Young People’s workforce’.

Lisa has a special interest in literacy and story-telling with the children. She has led many outdoor story sessions, incorporating nature and the outside environment in to the children’s stories, making stories come alive for the children, encouraging their imaginations and role-playing skills. Lisa is responsible for Equal Opportunities. Lisa loves all things theatrical and has acted in many roles in various local theatres. Lisa works a four day week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday).

Lisa is married to James and they have a daughter and a son.


Helen has a level three Early Years and Education accreditation, she also has a level one accreditation in working with Theraplay principles. . Before coming to Acorns Helen managed the Mews Nursery in Bath.

Helen is Acorns Safeguarding and welfare lead.

Helen has such a kind, caring, funny nature with the children and they love her! She is a bit of an ‘all rounder’ enjoying a wide range of activities, such as creative and messy play, physical activities, story telling, being outside, working with nature and generally just everything really!! Helen works a four day week, Tuesday – Thursday and Friday from twelve.

Helen is married to Giles, they have a boy and a girl.