Our Staff

This is the Acorns team. We have a great mix of strengths and skills to ensure we offer all of our children the broadest range of activities possible. With over 30 years experience there's very little we can't cope with!

Lisa – pre-school practitioner

Level 3 Early Years and Education.

Outside of Acorns Lisa is currently training to be a therapist, and presently splits her time between her two roles.


Lisa is a very experienced member of the team. She has worked in Acorns for many years and although she has had to cut her days recently to be able to go to college, she remains an integral part of the Acorns team.


Lisa has a special interest in drama and literacy and enjoys encouraging the children to foster a love of books and stories. She runs activities that promote imagination and wonder. She leads drama-based activities that promote confidence and well-being.


Lisa works Wednesdays and Thursdays. 


Sam – Forest School leader

Level three Forest School leader.


Sam has worked in Acorns for 14 years, she has been our amazing Forest School leader for the past eight years and is brilliant at her role.


Sam plans amazing experiences for the children, from cooking over an open fire, whittling sticks or welly wanging, she always has brilliant ideas to keep the children entertained in all weathers!


Sam is incredibly creative and delivers activities in an extremely unique way!

Amongst many other talents, Sam speaks fluent Italian and lived in Italy for many years. Outside of Acorns Sam is an enthusiastic gardener.


Sam works Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


Hazel – Forest school practitioner

PGCE, specialising in early years education.


Hazel has worked in Acorns for six years. Before joining Acorns she gained experience working in reception classes.


Hazel is a fantastic teacher who mainly works in the Forest School team.


Hazel also works as a room leader and leads the pre-school room every Wednesday.


Hazel loves to be outside and to engage the children to foster a love of nature. She has a thoughtful and engaging manner with all children, always ensuring that they are getting the most out of their time outdoors.


Hazel works with Helen to provide regular wood working sessions for the children.


Outside of Acorns Hazel enjoys exhaustingly long walks with her family and her dog!


Hazel works Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.