What people say about us....

"(Acorns is) a very special caring environment, where children feel safe and encouraged to grow and be themselves"

"Your communication is excellent"

"Acorns is a very impressive setting"

"The variety of activities on offer is great. Showing children how to become independent"

"(The activities) are so varied and unique"

"The staff are all amazing! You are so kind and thoughtful and really understand what's important to the children and parents"

"I think all of the activities you do are wonderful, creative, and brave at times!"

"You take the children on an amazing journey."

"My child has gained independence, creativity and curiosity about the world"

"I love the creativity and free spirit ethos at Acorns, the activities are very engaging"

"Tapestry is genius. All you want to be as a Mum is a fly on the wall when you leave your kids, and with Tapestry we get to do that just a little bit"

"You build strong and caring relationships with the children, really getting to know them individually"

"(There is) a lovely range of fun, educational activities. Very creative ideas and also activities that allow the children to take risks"

"I defy any preschool in the country to consistently deliver better shows! They are entertaining, moving, fun and they are OWNED by the children. Amazing!"

"You are practically perfect in every way. Thank you Acorns!"