Term 1, week 6

We have had such an enjoyable week. The weather has been great and we have made the most of it by being outside as much as possible.

The children have enjoyed so many different activities and experiences during Forest school sessions. Small groups have been on spider hunts around the garden, finding the missing spiders and sequencing them numerically. Lose parts play continues to inspire and engage the children, it is wonderful to see how their problem solving skills are progressing already. Wood working is always popular, the small groups of children show great focus and concentration whilst learning how to use the various tools. The children have also loved enveloping themselves in the sensory swing, hanging from the Yew tree, gently swinging as they chill out and relax. Happy days!

Inside, everyone enjoyed their first baking session. Usually the children have had several sessions by this time of year, however, viruses and illness has meant we've needed to postpone our baking sessions. From next term we will return to normal, the children will bake every other week in small groups.

Next week we will be drilling pumpkins and having lots more fun!

Happy weekend everyone!

Dena xx

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