Term 1, week 6

We have had such a busy week in Acorns this week. The children have enjoyed lots of time outside, raking up the leaves, making leaf piles to jump in and making leaf rain! Over the week small groups of children have raided our wormery for some high quality worm poo, using this to mix with the existing soil to make a nice, healthy base for planting seeds and garlic bulbs. We have weeded, watered and then covered the seeds up, hopefully keeping them safe from our ever hungry squirrels!

Toward the end of the week the children worked together to make a bridge for the Billy Goats Gruff to cross. The bridge is made from bricks, planks of wood and sludge (water, soil and straw). They worked together to build, testing the strength of the plank by walking across it. The Billy Goats Gruff would be proud!

Inside we have made tweetie pie flapjacks, which smelled delicious. The children are already showing us their baking skills, making everything independently.

We have also started to introduce another Acorns winter favourite, sewing. Small groups of children really enjoyed getting to grips with sewing, using a wooden hoop to help them to hold their material in place. Such fun!

We have also enjoyed board games, home corner play, shaving foam exploration, lots of clay, wood working, dancing and so much more!

Next week is the last week of term 1, time just flies when you are having fun! It has been a really positive and enjoyable start to the year.

I hope you have a great weekend. Next week we will be using a power tool to drill pumpkins! Happy weekend everyone.

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